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Everything is about trust.

A few days ago family members, friends, colleagues and ex-collaborators accompanied us to the presentation of our new brand and the Descarga Foundation. In a very emotional event (which ended at 5 in the morning) we were able to share with our closest friends the story of Download: 15 years of solving the communication problems of others.

During the preparations, Ivan and I went round and round to the presentation. How to summarize 14 years of work, changes, blows, mistakes and successes? How to talk about one, if we have always preferred the second row? But something we had to say.

With a couple of beers in hand we took the time to remember from 2003 to today. Thousands of anecdotes came to light. We remember our first client, our first political campaign, our first digital campaign, the departure of our then partners, the first 360 campaign and we really laughed a lot. How did people trust us when we were just college students, without a "portfolio" or references to back us up? We realized that this has been the case until today. We do not have a "book" and our page is not updated (soon we will leave it in order). We go to pitches without a presentation and we never talk about what we do or have done.

We come to a conclusion: the formula is in trust. Confidence in yourself, in your work, in your way of seeing life and above all, in your team.

If we can be proud of something today, it is our clients and our team, people who have trusted a couple of crazy people to work shoulder to shoulder day by day and contribute a bit to build a better world.

They are our reason for being, and together we help through the Fundación Descarga to bring a smile to those who need it most. Not everything in life are awards or business. You decide where to put your energy, and honestly, we prefer to help others.

Here we leave some pictures of that day, which will remain forever in our hearts.

We like to share.